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Farm Marketer is a Canadian digital media company that publishes agricultural content. We are the leading marketplace for rural and agriculture properties for sale in Canada, and we are also home to the information that matters most to Canadian farmers; news, commodities, agriculture events, and much more. 

Farm Marketer is also the proud producer of the award-winning agriculture show, The Impact Farming Show. The Impact Farming Show is a weekly video and podcast show dedicated to introducing farmers to the people and ideas that will make an IMPACT on their farming operation.

We believe that we are more than just an agriculture publisher and news source for Canadian Farmers. Farm Marketer and The Impact Farming Show are creating a movement towards IMPACTING farmers and their operation. 

Why? Because we believe that when farmers do well, mentally/physically/financially on the farm, the entire industry does well!

In addition to presenting companies with the opportunity to reach Canadian farmers in a highly innovative manner, Farm Marketer & The Impact Farming Show provides agriculture companies with the opportunity to align their brand with this phenomenal industry movement.

It's our mission, and you can be part of it... 

Will you join us?

Farm Marketer Editorial Content

We provide Canadian farmers with the information they need to manage and grow their farming operation.

Agriculture News Source

Farm Marketer is home to the information that matters most to Canadian farmers:

  • Agriculture News
  • Agriculture Commodities
  • Agriculture Events Across Canada

Visit www.farmmarketer.com for information that matters to Canadian farmers.

Farm Real Estate

We are the leading marketplace for rural and agricultural properties for sale in Canada. Looking for land to expand your farming operation? Search Farm Marketer for:

  • Rural Properties
  • Farms/Ranches
  • Land

We have thousands of properties for sale across Canada.

The Impact Farming Show

Farm Marketer is the proud producer of the award-winning agriculture show, The Impact Farming Show.

The Impact Farming Show is a weekly video and podcast show dedicated to introducing farmers to people and ideas that will make an IMPACT on their farming operation.

New show episodes are published every Wednesday to our Farm Marketer media platform www.farmmarketer.com.

Each interview is also published and distributed to: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Sound Cloud, iHeartRadio, YouTube, and additional popular audio destinations.

A Multi-Platform Brand

Reaching farmers with a multi-platform approach.

Our engaging content is delivered with a multi-platform approach, including digital, social, event sponsorships, video, and podcasts. Are you a part of the conversation? We can place your brand where farmers are spending their time.

Connect. Inform. Grow.

Canadian Farmers Love our Content

Don't take our word for it. Hear what just a few of our visitors say about Farm Marketer's award-winning content.


Deanne C., Cattle Rancher
Saskatchewan, Beef: 100-199 Head

"Listened to 2 of your Impact Farming Show podcasts while getting the next quarter ready for cows. Really enjoyed the @JoleneBrownCSP and @farmermegzz episodes. Time flew by!

#fencing #greatjob #thanks


Ben J., Grain & Cattle
Manitoba, 1500+ Acres, Beef: 100-199 Head

"I think your show episodes and website content are excellent. The conversations and issues that you bring up such as finances and management, mental health, and farm transitions just to name a few are more relevant than ever in today's modern farming operations. Visiting the website often and listening to each episode weekly. Keep up the great work.”


Matt W., Cattle, Forage & Grain
Manitoba, 1280 Acres, Beef: 120 Head

"Thank you for your commodities information. I use this everyday to check the cattle markets. Easy to use and free."


Peter, Grain
Alberta, Name & Location changed to protect identity, Shared with permission

"Thank you for your mental health focus on the show. I listened to one of your episodes and felt so relieved. I am not alone. It's the first time in a long time that I have felt relief. It's been tough. Thank you"


Deanne, Matt, Ben and Peter are just a few of the 60,000 + farmers that visit www.farmmarketer.com on a monthly basis for the content they need and want.

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