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Meet Mike & Sheila. They are Canadian farmers. Your future customers.

Each day, thousands of farmers just like Mike & Sheila visit our website from over 1,130 rural communities across Canada. They are progressive farmers who are visiting for the information they need to manage and grow their farming operations.

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A Portrait of Canadian Agriculture 

The following are some of the key highlights that we have compiled as a snapshot of Canadian agriculture:

  • 158.7 Million acres farmed in Canada
  • Most common farm types; 32.9% Grain & Oilseed and 24.1% cattle ranching and farming
  • Largest field crops by acreage (ranked highest to lowest); Canola, Spring wheat, Barley, Durum Wheat, Soybeans
  • 1 in 4 farms are incorporated
  • While there are fewer agricultural operations and farm operators, agricultural operations are getting larger and using more of Canada’s available agricultural land to grow crops.
  • The provinces with the highest number of farmers (ranked highest to lowest)
    • Ontario
    • Alberta
    • Saskatchewan
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • Quebec
    • Nova Scotia
    • New Brunswick
    • PEI
    • Newfoundland

Canadian Farmer Demographics

Demographic Information:

  • The average age of farmers is 55 years old
  • 9.1% are under the age of 35 years old
  • For every 5 males there are 2 female operators

Educational Information:

  • 18.4% No certificate, diploma, or degree
  • 28.7% Secondary school or equivalent diploma
  • 14% apprenticeship or other trades certificate
  • 21% college, CEGEP, or other non-university certificate or diploma
  • 17.9% university certificate, diploma or degree

Psychographic Information:

  • Strong family and community values.
  • Often involved in community organizations and events.
  • Brand loyalty tends to run deep through multiple family generations.
  • Farm families are loyal to their local stores and companies. Shopping local is what farmers do.
  • They work extremely hard. If the farm schedule permits, they enjoy getting away with the family.
  • Life tends to revolve around the farm. Farming is a profession and way of life.

Since Farm Marketer serves as a general news source for Canadian farmers of all farm types and acreage sizes, we have found that our demographics tend to mirror the agriculture industry snapshot. The above was compiled using Government of Canada agriculture census information.

Farm Marketer's Reach

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Audience Selection...
What does this mean to you as an advertiser?

When it comes to advertising, it almost goes without saying that advertising to the right audience is critical. ALMOST goes without saying....We see many clients throwing money down the drain each month by advertising to the wrong audience. 

When it comes to finding the right audience, here are a few essential questions to ask:

Question #1: Am I reaching my desired customers?

Does the publication that you are looking at advertising with reach a high concentration of your target audience? If you are looking to reach farmers, what is the percentage of visitors/viewers/listeners that are actually farmers? The difference in target audience concentration is often the difference between a successful and unsuccessful advertising campaign.

PRO-TIP: Ask for media kits. All advertising companies offer media kits that break down key audience demographics. If not stated, prepare a list of questions for your sales rep.

Question #2: Is the audience in my desired location?

What do you sell, and who are you selling it to? If you are looking to place your products and services in front of farmers from across Canada, finding a publication with a Canada wide reach is handy. One campaign with one publisher gets you in front of farmers from across Canada all at once and can save you time and money. If you are a company that can only advertise within your province, such as a provincial credit union, the publisher's ability to geo-target your campaign to your province is critical. 

PRO-TIP: Audience location is one of the critical pieces of information that you will find in a publisher's media kit. If they are a Canada wide media company, a second section is often included outlining the audience concentration by province. 

Question #3: Is this audience engaged?

A third measurement to look at when determining who you want to advertise with is audience engagement. In online advertising, you will want to know how much time the average visitor spends on the website. The higher the better. Secondly, is pages per visit. The more time a farmer spends on a website, and the more pages they look at each session, the more they are engaged in the content. If they are spending more time looking around, this tends to mean the content is high quality, and the visitor is engaged. An engaged visitor has more chances of seeing your advertisement and clicking on your ad.

PRO-TIP: If not outlined in the media kit, you can ask your media rep for these numbers. They are not the "be all-end all", however, they are a great guideline. Make sure to compare against industry benchmarks.

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