Your Own Commercial + Powerhouse Advertising = Dream Marketing

Did you know that over 68% of consumers prefer watching an explainer video over reading about a company's products and services? Do you believe it?

I do...

Think YouTube, video streaming websites, and all of the other video content that we personally consume every day. Are farmers any different? Nope. The most popular content on Farm Marketer is video.

Hands down, video is one of the most powerful ways to communicate.

With almost 70% of your potential customers seeking video content from the companies they buy from, video should be one of the main "go to" tools in every marketer's tool belt.

Since launching The Impact Farming Show, we have been inundated with agriculture companies inquiring about video and audio advertising opportunities to feature their business. Advertising opportunities like sponsorship of The Impact Farming Show, or becoming a guest on the show through The Company Showcase Opportunity.

Savvy business owners and agri-marketers are looking to tap into the power of audio and video marketing for their business.

As a publisher, it's our job and mission to help agriculture companies place themselves in front of their target audience of farmers from across Canada. And we do, through our online advertising, newsletters, show opportunities, etc.

But, we knew we needed to do more.

You asked, and we have answered.

We are excited to be launching a NEW video marketing opportunity to help you reach farmers on

Introducing Farm Marketer's New
"Product Spotlight" Package.....

So what is this new opportunity, you may ask?

"It's like having your very own company "commercial" produced AND advertised by one of Canada's hottest AG news websites."

We take care of everything from interview questions, recording details, and producing the video/audio commercial. We then take Farm Marketer's powerful online presence and advertise your company video to farmers across Canada. We do all the heavy lifting. You just show up and share information about your company.

Are you ready to tap into the power of video marketing?

I love helping companies share their story. It's what I do on The Impact Farming Show, and I am excited to offer this new opportunity to you.

There are limited spots available, so if you are interested, head on over to our website, request more information, or reserve your "Product Spotlight Package" today.

Ready to chat advertising? Simply book your consultation <here> on our "Advertising To Farmers" website.

To your SUCCESS,

Tracy Brunet
Farm Marketer
Phone: (866) 609-1359
Email: [email protected]


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