6 Ways Online Advertising Will Boost Your Marketing Results

online advertising Dec 09, 2021

Hi There,

Are you looking to reach Canadian farmers without spending a fortune or ever stepping a foot outside the office?

Over the last decade, I have worked with hundreds of companies and brands to place their company, products, and services in front of Canadian farmers.

The #1 thing that I have learned is that most companies DON'T have Coca-Cola sized budgets, which means they MUST maximize every advertising dollar.

This is where online advertising comes in...

If you need every one of your advertising dollars to count, online advertising is the way to go. 

We have put together a FREE report titled "6 Ways Online Advertising Will Boost Your Marketing Results." 

Download the report below....

"6 Ways Online Advertising Will
Boost Your Marketing Results"


Are you ready to tap into the power of online advertising for your company?

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Get New Customers and Make More Money...

The goal of advertising is to get new customers and make more money for your company. Plain and simple.

To accomplish this, companies need a strong marketing plan- a road map on how they will reach their potential customers and drive results.

Professionals never just wing it. Doctors follow a treatment plan. Airline pilots follow a flight plan, and builders follow building plans.

The top leaders in every industry do the same. They do not leave their company performance to CHANCE. They have detailed sales targets and marketing plans outlining how they will consistently and effectively advertise their company in front of their future customers.

Advertising does not need to be overwhelming.

It's really is as uncomplicated as the picture above. You advertise to generate awareness of your products, you pique their interest with a compelling ad, and the final end goal is to generate a lead. Your salesperson and/or sales team then takes that prospect and works to turn...

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Grow Your Marketing Results For 2021

online advertising Feb 11, 2021

Grow Your Marketing Results For 2021

2020 threw us all a curveball. 

At the beginning of 2020, all the planning in the world couldn’t have prepared us for the disruption caused by the pandemic. One year in, companies have had to recalibrate and find new ways to connect meaningfully with farmers in our current reality.

Many business owners were hit hard trying to navigate the closures, new protocols, and unexpected changes to our day to day business practices. And marketers around the globe were greatly impacted by the constant uncertainty, cancellations, and what has felt like obstacle after obstacle.

Here we are, with farm shows and events canceled for what is likely a second year in a row, and many business owners and marketers are still at a loss. Now what?

How should we prepare for 2021?

Now more than ever, we have been having powerful conversations about the simplicity of online advertising. Conversations about;

  • How to lean into...
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Discover The Power of Online Advertising in 2021

Have you experienced the power of online advertising in your business yet?

I have said it before, and I will repeat....you will not have peace of mind unless and until you have an affordable, efficient, and dependable means of attracting a sufficient flow of qualified LEADS and BUYERS.

With farm shows canceled, NOW is a great time to discover the power of online advertising for your company.

In today's video, I chat about farm shows being cancelled in 2020 and now into at least the first half of 2021. That is our current reality; however, I find that we are all still in "wait and see" mode. It is not our fault. Our government literally has us programmed in a month to month "wait and see" mode, and I find this paralysis is trickling through into our business and ultimately into our results.

We keep holding our breath to see when things are going to return to normal. In the meantime, time is slipping away.

We ALL have results that we want to achieve for...

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Why Companies Should Love Online Advertising - Reason #1 - It's Simple

Reason #1: Online Advertising Is Simple

In this mini-series, we are publishing short posts to explain why business owners should love online advertising.

Running a company is only successful when you can reach your target audience. People need to know what you are selling in order to buy it, right? This is the beauty of advertising, and specifically, online advertising.

Online advertising is simple, effective, and designed to convert our website visitors into visitors on your company's website so they can become your future customers. 

Unlike traditional methods, online is simple AND actionable.  

Neither paper, magazine, or radio is primarily designed to drive your future customers directly to your company website immediately after interacting with your ad. Think about that. They see your advertisement in the paper or magazine and then flip on with good intentions of checking you out. But do they? They hear your ad on the radio, and then you are likely long forgotten...

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Online Advertising For Lead Generation

Online advertising, also known as online marketing, Internet advertising, digital advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to farmers.

Online advertising is quickly becoming the top choice for small, mid-size and large businesses. Why? It's simple, affordable and measureable.

Over the next three posts, we will dive deeper into each one of these advantages and how it applies to advertising, the agriculture industry, and in growing your brand and company.

In the meantime, to find out more about Farm Marketer's online advertising services you can call (866) 609-1359, email us at [email protected] or visit our advertising page for more information.

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Tracy Brunet


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