Banner Ads

Gain Maximum Exposure and Engagement

Standard Ad Units

Desktop Ad Units

Leaderboard: 728 x 90

Super Leaderboard: 970 x 90

Big Box: 300 x 250

Double Big Box: 300 x 600 

Mobile Ad Units

Mobile Leaderboard: 320 x 50

Big Box: 300 x 250

High Impact Units

Gain maximum exposure and engagement with Farm Marketer's High Impact Units!

We are introducing an all-new line up of high impact units to allow you an effective way to tempt your customer.

Pushdown (desktop only)

The Pushdown Banner is a highly interactive, rich media ad unit providing an impactful branding and direct response experience. This premium position ad unit beneath site navigation provides ongoing visibility even when collapsed.

Pushdown: 970 x 90 (expands to 970 x 415)

Peelback (desktop only)

The Page Peel ad is an extended rich media ad unit. The peel begins as a “dog ear” in the upper right-hand corner of the page and, on mouse-over, extends down and to the left.

Peel Back: See IAB Specs


Home Page Takeovers

Homepage takeovers give advertisers 100% share of voice for a selected period of time. This means your advertising campaign will run exclusively across all the advertising units on the home page, reinforcing your advertising message.

Home page takeovers are ideal for a brand or product launch when the aim is to gain brand awareness quickly.

Home Page Advertising Features:

  • 100% share of voice
  • Available for weekly sponsorship
  • Runs your creative in multiple ad units on home page

Desktop Banner Ads

Mobile Banner Ads

The Benefits of Online Advertising

In agriculture, online advertising remains one of the most effective ways to place products and services in front of Canadian farmers.

Would you like to drive a flood of new potential customers to your website?

We have compiled a list of the TOP 6 reasons why online advertising is one of the most effective ways to do so.

  1. Canada Wide Reach -Through online advertising, you can advertise your business beyond your local area and reach out to farmers across Canada. The best part, you don’t have to travel anywhere to grow your business. Before online advertising, reaching farmers from across Canada was extremely time consuming and expensive.
  2. Cost Effective - One of the greatest benefits of online advertising is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike other traditional methods, you can tailor your online advertising to your budget. It’s inexpensive and affordable for marketers to promote their business online.
  3. Target Audience - Online advertising helps you find the right audience. It targets the ones who are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Niche news platforms like attract your dream audience, making it even easier for you to place your ad in front of your future customers. This high level of audience targeting will further help you in generating more leads and making your campaigns more effective and profitable.
  4. Measurable  - With the help of online analytics tools, you can decipher which strategies are working for you and which are not. You can easily track the conversion and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. This data helps you identify areas for improvement in your ads and advertising strategy as well.
  5. Fast & Easy - Unlike traditional marketing and advertising methods, online advertising is quick and easy. The moment you start your online ad campaign, you can start receiving qualified leads. This allows you to reach your audience quickly. 
  6. Engagement - Tying all of the benefits together is audience engagement. Our favourite of the six. Online advertising can engage your potential customer and encourage them to take action immediately upon seeing your ad. There is a clear path that moves from the advertising impression to the advertising interaction to the lead capture. This is, after all, what advertising is all about, capturing leads and converting them into sales. Online advertising strategy is simple. You want them to see your banner, click it, and then have them head on over to your website where you can convert that farmer into a lead and then a sale. This is the straightforward and powerful audience engagement that is possible through display advertising.

Are you looking for a tried, tested, and true way to place your company in front of Canadian farmers?

If so, online advertising is perfect for you!

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